Follow workout recommendations, videos, and tips for the gym and at home. Fit fitness into your life!


A healthy lifestyle doesn't just start in the gym. Get help revamping your lifestyle for the best results.


Work with me to structure your diet to get the results you want, and the energy that you need.

Get Support

Conquer fitness doubts by getting the support you've always needed! Let me support you to your goals.


Follow manageable yet thorough programs to achieve the fitness level you've always dreamed of.

Join the Team

Veenstar Fitness encourages a community both at the gym, and on social media. Talk with others "in your boat".

Ask Questions

I will respond to you every chance that I get. Shoot  me questions, concerns, and achievements!

What are you waiting for?

"Success is not final, failure is not failure: it is the courage to continue what counts."    – Winston Churchill


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