I was raised on a farm my whole childhood being very active from riding horses, to doing extreme sports. I was blessed to say the least, that I was taught to be active and fit at a young age. After having my son in 2009 and struggling with post weight loss, I started my journey in Fitness shows.


Looking for a new challenge, I pushed my body to new levels of fitness and change. I competed in my first ‘FAME’ Fitness show before my son turned one and I never felt better. Since earning my Pro status with the WBFF I have competed in numerous shows and competed in my first WBFF world show in Las Vegas 2015.  It feels great to be a role model for mothers, women, and athletes near and far. Getting supportive emails and messages from followers make it all worth its while. Even when they are strangers, you realize how big of impact you can have on someone’s life. It’s nice to hear young women say I was their motivation to want to be healthier, fit and even compete in their first show.

To learn more about my qualification, see my achievements page!


My motivation was being a single mother and my son Kaden. I worked long hours Fitness Managing in the gym and balancing all these areas out, even if it meant sleep took a back burner. I've strived to show my son and piers that taking care of your health is a priority no matter what situation you're given. My son is now nine years old. With him being as healthy as he is, I feel like I have impacted the most important person in my world. Showing him all the wonderful values that come with a healthy lifestyle.

It has been ten years since I began my journey in the Fitness industry and personal training.​

I am Proud to be in the Fitness industry with so many amazing athletes that motivate me daily. I want to give a Huge Thank you to my clients, who encourage me as much as I encourage them.



"Success is not final, failure is not failure: it is the courage to continue what counts."    – Winston Churchill


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