A huge shoutout to these brave, ambitious clients who worked, and still work, hard to reach their goals!

Transformations take dedication, hard work, and determination.

Every single one of these individuals have proven themselves to be strong, and admirable.

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"I started training with ashley in September 2014 when I had realized that my weight had gotten out of control. I was about 60 pounds overweight and my health was starting to affect everyday activities and my personal wellbeing. As a former personal trainer I had all the tools and knowledge to do it myself but I couldn't. I knew that I needed someone to motivate me and inspire me to work hard and make changes. I researched all the trainers at the gym and read their bios and it was an obvious choice that Ashley was the best choice for me! Not just her education but her manifesto for life and positive living. Ashley helped me to lose 50 pounds by always adapting my workouts and being a support system for me. For me the weight-loss didn't come mostly from the workouts, because I had always worked out. It came from upping the intensity of them,  from the healthy eating support, but most of all for me from the emotional support that she gave me through my time with her."

- Monica

"Every New Years resolution I made was like a lot of people's...I wanted to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. So a couple years ago I took the plunge and got together with Ashley to talk about where to begin. I've heard nothing but amazing things about her and the results she gets people so I knew she was my girl! In only a couple weeks training with her I felt more energetic, felt happy about my healthy choices and loved that I was starting to see results! In a few short months we talked about me maybe competing and that was my next challenge. She was with me every step of the way and got me where I wanted to be. I ended up placing 3rd in my first show and I couldn't have done it without her! She's is not only a personal trainer but a friend and someone you can always go to. My inspiration taught me that I can now inspire other people. I am forever grateful for Ashley and getting me on track to live a healthier life and love my body!"

- Jordan

"It's absolutely incredible how much a healthy diet can do to your body and mind!! [...] This transformation had a lot of ups and downs, but I pulled through and am feeling sexier than EVER. That bum though <3 My weight is 127, and it's aaaaaall musdle gains!! Can't thank you enough."

- Olivea

"Success is not final, failure is not failure: it is the courage to continue what counts."    – Winston Churchill


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